Shore Shot Pistol Range would ask that you take a moment to read our policies and feel free to ask us if something isn't clear. We strive to be the best so keeping our customers educated and in the loop is just one way we can work towards that goal.


Effective April 21, 2013 Shore Shot will no longer rent firearms to any "single" walkon. You must be with another person. The only exceptions would be if you were with a Range Officer, taking a class or you are shooting with a member. Please call the range if you have any questions.


In the past, Shore Shot Pistol Range would allow its members to purchase their firearms prior to the permits being issued and we would store them on site. The cost of storage, until permits were issued, was $10 per month. Any firearms that have been in storage prior to January 1, 2009 will be treated as abandoned property in compliance with New Jersey Statute Title 2A:44-187 and will be sold in 30 days unless the owner of the abandoned property pays the back storage fees and has a valid NJFID and/or Pistol Purchaser's Permit to remove the said property from the premises. Shore Shot Pistol Range has made numerous attempts at contacting the owners of these firearms with little to no success. Although we would love to accommodate our members with this service, it is no longer feasible due to the increase in inventory, limited storage space, State Police Regulations and the liability issues it presents for both parties. If you have a firearm in storage at SSPR and it was purchased prior to January 1, 2011, please contact the range immediately to arrange storage fee payment and pickup.


We will gladly order anything you want. That's never an issue and we are very happy to do it. If you are looking for some totally off the charts, obscure item, we ask that it be paid in full prior to ordering.


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